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15-Sep-2017 05:40

The perfume was created by Laurent Bruyere i Dominique Ropion in 2003.

I may be the only person who actually think reformulation was best thing could happened for Amor. Now, the new version has sweet feminine touch, much lighter vibe and truly pretty smell. I do like IT, not my love hence i prefer sensual and a little bit more erotic smells but using Amor is really pleasure now, ufff.

I was kind of ready to write this off but its kind of nice in its own way.

More citrus, less berry and a bit hazy if that makes sense.

Is so warm feminine slightly sweet and a bit citrus just perfect , is so easy to wear , for me is a daily scent but perhaps more sprays and it could be for going out. There is a young vibe in this one, but I do not consider it girly. I like it a lot and use it all year round when I need to lift my mood.

The longevity in my skin is of 2 or 3 hours so I have the small bottle in my bag when I'm using it Love, love love! It is sweet, warm and a little bit spicy and it lasts long on my skin! Lasts long enough (6 hours) on my skin, good projection. I blind bought this after reading that it is similar to my old signature scent from high school (Forever Sunshine) which has been discontinued, and I will say it's a fairly decent replacement, but certainly not spot on.

Perfume i remember from the past was strong, suffocating, headache and really strange (for me, being always in love with Lou Lou). Longevity is not great however and bottle as always not my favorite but ok.

You know how some fragrances become a fabric of someone's dna?

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On subways, on street corners, in restaurants, at meetings: when I wore Amor Amor, I was noticed, complimented, even followed. I wonder what Dominque Ropion thinks about this reformulation. And, I will add a musk, a chocolate base, a cocoa base, to replace the softness, the mystique, that no longer defines this juice. It reminds of the song The Girl from Ipanema, a youthful beauty who is utterly beguiling, but totally unaware of the effect she is having on those around her.

I can tell you this: the longevity and sillage of this bottle are considerably less potent than I remember.