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"Secondary schools deliberately promote independence, but it is often difficult for you and your child to adapt.

Some primary schools are great at encouraging a more independent approach during Year 6 but even with that, the leap when they start secondary is huge.

"If your child's secondary school offers a taster day or an orientation session, make it a priority to attend!

Not only will you be provided with information about the school and how things operate, you and your child will have a chance to meet new families that are also starting at the school." "Find out what your child's primary school does to bridge the gap to the secondary school; what information do the schools exchange.

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Helping her understand that this was normal was not easy.This will help you understand what foundation has been laid before your child arrives at the new school." "Friends of mine used to say their kids were going to 'big school'; however, we avoided that expression as it made the children feel that they were still small and weak and unprepared!