Extramarital dating

13-Oct-2017 09:16

For most men, satisfying sex appears to be the main motivator for actively seeking out an extramarital affair.On the other side of the coin, an astonishing 39 per cent of women have revealed they have cheated on a partner - while only 35 per cent admitted to thinking about it.Unfaithful men guilty of engaging in steamy affairs have confessed to the laws of attraction when looking for the 'other woman'.When it comes to selecting extramarital partners the process is far more calculated and premeditated than simply finding a stranger in a bar, findings from an Ashley Madison survey have revealed.A surprisingly little amount of women looked for non-physical attributes in their illicit flings - with a tiny 5 per cent revealing their affair is more educated than their partner and 43 per cent revealing it was purely physical.Most men and women claim their infidelity was a backwards attempt to spice up their love lives.If you have any doubts about God's intention to give us sex as a wonderful, pleasurable gift, Song of Songs should put them to rest.

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With respect to pre-marital, romantically oriented kissing, we're clearly talking about an area about which reasonable believers can (and do) disagree.The argument becomes clearer when we look at some of what the Bible has to say about 1) sex, 2) our relationships with other believers and 3) sexual immorality itself.

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