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The 24-hour analog dial was reserved for more specialized applications, such as astronomical clocks and chronometers.

Most analog clocks and watches today use the 12-hour dial, on which the shorter hour hand rotates once every 12 hours and twice in one day.

Thus, the time would be spoken as , and "(a) quarter to nine".

Moreover, in situations where the relevant hour is obvious or has been recently mentioned, speakers can use terms "quarter to" and "half past" to avoid elaborate sentences in particularly informal conversations.

The 12-hour clock was used throughout the British empire.

During the 15th and 16th centuries, the 12-hour analog dial and time system gradually became established as standard throughout Northern Europe for general public use.

However, in many languages, such as Russian and Hebrew, informal designations are used, such as "9 in the morning" or "3 in the night".The 12-hour time convention is common in several English-speaking nations and former British colonies, as well as a few other countries.