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14-Aug-2017 21:11

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More than anything, it connects me with new people instantly and, to top it off, with minimal impact on my recreational habits.The whole process of joining new social groups, introducing yourself and hoping for a potential partner to emerge through repeat interactions is shortened to a few keystrokes on your smartphone.Besides the massively detailed profiling, the help section is very detailed and covers a lot of the key issues in a straightforward way through a series of links, though it is a lot of text and could benefit from a few instructional videos.If you’re still in need of assistance or want to report an error or threatening behaviour you can easily contact the help department.

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It takes some of the fun out of things, perhaps, but makes it a safer place to be.

Nowadays, whenever I meet a friend who is single and looking to date, I deliver a long lecture about the perks of using a dating app, not least because it helped me find that special someone.